Okawa Book Club

Suicide - Why It’s Not Worth It!!

June 2, 2021

Educational and inspiring discussion on Suicide from Spiritual Perspective based on the books by Ryuho Okawa, and explaining Why It's Not Worth It!!

- Suicide is not the Answer to Life's Problems

Listen to this discussion and discover what happens to a soul after committing suicide.  Physical death is not the end of the life...

- Life is a Workbook of Problems to be Solved to train our soul

- We all have Purpose and Mission in our lives


For more information about the books mentioned in this program:

The Laws of Great Enlightenment 


My Journey through Spirit World



- Related Film:  The Real Exorcist  (includes the Episode of a bullied high school girl's suicide and how her soul can be saved.) https://realexorcistmovie.com/


- Also, visit https://happyscience-usa.org/  for Pursuit of Happiness from Spiritual Viewpoint of Life.


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