Okawa Book Club

The True Eightfold Path

April 2, 2021

Inspiring Discussion of Ryuho Okawa's latest title, “The True Eightfold Path: Guidepost for Self-Innovation” published on March 30, 2021.

For those who sincerely and honestly wish to transform themselves and achieve true happiness and Enlightenment, “The True Eightfold Path" is the most genuine and certain way to do so. It is not only worldly happiness and Enlightenment that this path brings, but also, and more importantly, it allows the transformation of character and the soul itself. This is the reason why ‘The True Eightfold Path’ is called ‘The Secret Treasure of Mankind.’ For more information, please visit to https://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/1942125801/irhpressusa0c-20/


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